Insomniac is gearing up to make its first step into the metaverse. In partnership with software company and virtual environment pioneer Unity, Pasquel Rotella is planning to bring EDC into a fully immersive virtual form. “Our vision is to create a social experience in which everyone is a Headliner—where stories and music unite us in discovery, love, and a true sense of belonging,” Rotella says in a press release. “Unity is helping us create a world’s first experience for our community as we work together to deliver the next level of what the metaverse can be for entertainment and music.”

Insomniac has consistently innovated with the production of their live events as well as the Twitch community, with a consistent 24-hour stream of their thousands of events. After providing a quarantine full of Twitch takeovers that have naturally evolved into a 24/7 stream of high-quality DJ sets, its only natural for the company to give a completely digital in 2022. Stay tuned for more news on the when and The Who behind the next big dance music festival on a virtual venue.

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