Pop singer and songwriter, Irina Rimes, teamed up with renowned French producer, David Goldcher, and delivered this infectiously catchy pop/electro rendition of Laisse Tomber les Filles. Their version breaths new life to the song originally written by Serge GainsbourgDavid Goldcher produced a deep house cut with electro influences and a pumping bassline we can not wait to hear in the club. Irina Rimes gives the production depth and attitude with her sexy vocals. The pop singer is a superstar in Romania and is quickly rising to international fame.

The track has already garnered over 340,000 listens on Spotify. Born and raised in the Republic of Moldova, Irina Rimes has become quite the pop star in the neighboring country of Romania, where she serves as the youngest coach on Romania’s version of The Voice. Beyond her own music, Rimes has written music other Romanian singers and songwriters as well.

Check out Laisse Tomber les Filles down below!

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