When is a good time to rehash the DJs talking on microphones conversation? Honestly…anytime. With more mainstage sets erring on the side of Zumba classes than not, we’ve been waiting for a notable figure to speak out or take a stance on the issue. It looks like Jauz has elected to represent those fans who hate hearing statements from DJs during sets, making his own pledge:

When it comes to DJs on the mic, we actually find Jauz’s own statements to be a refreshing change from the mundane “1-2-3 jump” DJs who say nothing else. At EDC a couple years ago, he actually had cool stories to tell about the songs he was going to play, giving nods to fellow artists and helping the crowd feel like it wasn’t just a jukebox playing Jauz’s greatest hits and beyond. Granted, 99% of the time we think the quicker the mic message, the better. We’re glad this particular DJ is trying to influence his peers to realize that instructions on how to enjoy music…during a set…is silly.

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