The topic of who’s a skilled DJ and who just presses play will continue to occupy today’s discussion. Based on the latest testimonial that Jauz shared on his social media yesterday, we can safely assume the former is true of himself.

The Icon Collective alumnus admitted to completely forgetting to fill his USB stick full of the tunes he had planned to choose from and thus being forced to play on the fly during his set time. For him, this ended up being a happy accident- and he did not hesitate to start a discussion on “Real” vs. “Fake” DJs:

Some other artists chimed in on the discussion; namely, Laidback Luke contributed his intelligence:

For us, it seems the big divider between being a skilled DJ and a “button pushing” producer is the backup plan one has if everything goes wrong. Jauz proved that despite his original plan not coming to fruition, he was still able to rock the crowd with another selection of tunes he loved without anyone seeing him sweat.

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