It comes with no surprise how influential the Phil Collins original, In The Air Tonight, has had on the generations of people impacted by it. Providence-native, Jenn Vix brings honor to this timeless classic with her own cover with the help of guitarist Vernon Reid. Jenn Vix takes the songs vocals into her hand and brings a different air to the track making it uniquely her own. The talented guitarist, Vernon Reid, who also shares deeply rooted inspirations from the Phil Collins’ classic drops perfectly placed guitar riffs throughout the cover taking the song to new heights. The vibe is original and gives listeners a fresh perspective on a song you’ve heard constantly on repeat.

“I heard “In The Air Tonight” as a child, and from day one, it was a dream of mine to record a cover version of it; I was a child musician and singer. There is just something about it, and I waited for the right time to do it! When I spoke with Vernon Reid about playing on this track, he said that he also has a special memory associated with it, and having him on guitar on the track is an honor!” 

Jenn Vix’s profound passion for music began at a young age. It has been a tireless pursuit for knowledge and experimentation that has evolved over the years. She’s bounced all over her home base in the New England area, collaborating with locals and established musicians alike all for the goal of creating music. Her live shows are described as a fully immersive experience, emanating a presence and energy uniquely her own and unlike any other.

Check out her cover of In The Air Tonight down below!

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