Los Angeles can be a tough nut to crack when it comes to its vibrant, yet cut-throat music industry. Stars are made amongst a pool of amateurs, and this NY-born now LA-based singer/song writer is making her reach for the stars. She composes and produces her own music, beats, and has her hands in every input/output of her careful creations. Her background in music is the sheer fact that her life is music. While living in New York, Aradia enrolled in the Aaron Copland School of Music, where she would later rebel against the grain of classical teaching to pursue ventures in pop and later electronic music. Currently, she has found her happy medium of producing electropop records and has an upcoming EP on the way.

“CEO” is her latest single that came out late July 2017, and is a fiery girl-power anthem (you can find the obvious hints within the premise of the music video). Aradia, showcased as a bedroom producer in the music video, finishes a song and presents it perspective label heads (all men), who blatantly laugh at her face, ignore her, and don’t give her the time of day she’s asking for. The message within the song is a powerful one. The song itself? I’m not 100% sold on it. Aradia’s voice, however spectacular it could be, falls a bit flat and monotone. It misses a few high notes or accentuating parts that could have really given “CEO” the pow in girl-power.

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