Bursting onto the EDM & pop scene in Israel is a man formally known by his stage name, GaBso. He’s risen to popularity in his musical locale, earning a few prestigious local awards such as first place winner at the Song Festival of Israel, third place on Israel’s ‘Got Talent’ television spin off, as well as few other regional awards. GaBso has produced four studio albums, where 8 of his singles topped the local radio charts in Israel.

He recently released a new EP earlier this year entitled ‘Made Me Wanna Change My Name’. The 5-track EP features GaBso in his pop prime, sing his heart out in 4 of the tracks and finishing the EP off with an instrumental he produced alongside producer/musician Omar Agmon and mixing/master Pieter De Wagter.

‘All In My Hand’ opens the airwaves on GaBso latest production, sending the feelings soaring sky high with a sensational fervor of the pop music all will recognize him with. GaBso’s self-titled track, chimes in at track number 3, which emanates similar vibrant ethos like that of ‘All In My Hand’, but with a more solemn tone. ‘789’ closes out the EP with a hip-hop beat and trill high-hats, perhaps will see a more hip-hop oriented EP or album in the near future?

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