Rebranded from the Party of 5IVE to The Peanut Gallery, New Jersey natives, Flee Jones and Orlando introduced a new duo to the world of hip hop with the sole mission to bring the genre and culture back to its authentic roots. On the surface, the two partners appear to be polar opposites. Orlando, a college grad and Army enlistee, and Flee Jones, an inner-city OG who falls on music as a positive outlet. Both are united for their love and roots in hip hop culture, listening to genre icons such as Nas, Tupac, Big L, and DMX and striving to reach productions by Dr. Dre, G-Unite, Ludacris, and others. The two are currently working on an album, Tales of the Basement that’s expected to be out later this year. You can catch the first single, Deep Thoughts, on their Soundcloud now.

‘Time Flies By’ is The Peanut Gallery’s second single of their forthcoming album, and offers listeners a pop-infused production layered with their autotuned vocals that gives off an infectious party vibe. The whole song is pumped by a four-to-the-floor, pop dance music production while The Peanut Gallery preaches the idea of taking life by storm through their lyrics. A common theme that human beings feel that our time in life is short and that we should take advantage of the time we have now.

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