Describing himself as a product of his environment, J’Moris drops heat this summer with a double feature EP, Summa This. A raw no holds back EP that is but a reflection of who J’Moris is. Raised by the streets, J’Moris’ double feature includes a self-titled single and Summertime Love both completely unique and offer two different perspectives of his craft. Summa This is a raw, hard-hitting single with attitude. Catchy hooks and hardcore production showcases J’Moris’ professionalism and that he isn’t messing around.

Summertime Love winds the mood back with a slower rap production. Much more laidback and a perfect show to kick back at the beach while the sun sets, the track showcases a versatility that most rappers aspire towards. J’Moris creates a vibe effortlessly and captures a unique snapshot of his environment.

J’Moris attributes his sound and identity with his Southern influences. Raised in Hillsboro, Texas, J’Moris recalls his upbringing with much pain. Drugs, pimps and prostitution were not unusual sights to see in his environment. He is a survivor and an inevitable product of a failed system that many Black Americans experience on a daily basis.

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