Telling one of the most compelling human stories, Boston-based musician ADVIKA presents her single Come Back To Earth. A fusion of jazz influences and electronic music components, ADVIKA sings a story of that we all have experienced in our lifetime, the fizzling out of what was once a strong bond. At only 20 years of age, ADVIKA heart-piercing voice echoes a tone of loss and remorse. Come Back To Earth offers listeners with a complex sound design and brings them on a sonic journey through space feeling as though you’re lost with the floating astronaut in the single’s cover art.

“The lyrics describe the deep anguish of gradual separation in a relationship that once held a promise, watching them slowly detach themselves from each other. One holds onto the promise and hopes that the other comes back. And when they do decide to come back, it’s too late. There is nothing left anymore. The strongest bonds can be ephemeral if not cared for and nurtured. The song’s energy builds throughout, going from a mournful call to a realization of the end.”

Classically trained since the age of 4, you could say ADVIKA learned music while she was learning to walk. Early musical influences on her life included Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, and Betty Carter would jettison her interest in writing her own music. Eventually this path would take her to the Berklee College of Music, where she would earn accolades like the YoungArts awards in Jazz voice and songwriting. Achieving so much at the age of 20, there is plenty more to come from ADVIKA’s prolific career.

Check out Come Back To Earth down below!

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