A new star is rising from Philadelphia, PA. Julia Pratt recently released her new hit single, ‘Tried and True’. Her voice and song echo other artists such as Emma Peters, Aurora, and Lorde. The heavily emotional single touches on the feelings and moments leading up to one’s deathbed. The people their hurt, words left unsaid, the pinnacle point of catharsis before journeying into the great unknown, death.

“Tried and True was my attempt to articulate the internal monologue running through someone’s mind during their last moments. I wanted it to sonically capture the feelings of desolation, longing, resignation, chaos, and exhaustion that can accompany a nervous breakdown. Lyrically I wanted to tell the story of someone trying to find the words to say goodbye to their loved ones, acknowledging the pain they’ve inflicted on those closest to them but still desperately wanting to explain themselves one last time. I wanted the background vocals to mimic how it feels to gasp for breath, and after I decided I wanted that to be the focal point of the song the story flowed from there.”

At just 21 years of age, Julia Pratt is a talented voice that will echo throughout the decades. Music has played a big part in her childhood, learning the cello and saxophone before taking on singing as a teenager. Setting out to make her own stamp in music, Pratt released her jazz-inspired ‘Fallout’ EP in 2021.

Check out ‘Tried and True’ down below!

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