Continuing his streak to stardom, Nick de la Hoyde is back with a brand new single ‘Devotion’. Starting at a slower tempo than what we’ve covered in the past, Nick and his brothers, Joseph & Timothy de la Hoyde, have created a slow song to remind us to live in the moment. With the constant worry of the future and its fast pace nature, ‘Devotion’ reminds us to pump the brakes and take a look at all that love and support that surrounds us.

“It’s so easy to get so wrapped up in where you want to be and the future that you envisioned for yourself that the rest just turns to noise. Devotion is a track about that drive, that ambition, that blocks out everything around you. The journey becomes non-existent – it’s all about reaching the final ambition. All it takes is the right person to make you open your eyes to the love and the journey you were shutting out.”

Nick and his brothers have quickly become stars in the realm of alternative pop. Nick himself is spreading his personal brand beyond the scope of music, curating a heavy social media following and partnering with premier brands such as Seiko Watches, Puma, Beats by Dre and many others. As for his singing and producing career, we don’t see any signs of him slowing down!

Check out ‘Devotion’ down below!

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