Kaskade and Deadma5 Just Announced A HUGE Kx5 Show at the Los Angeles Coliseum

Kx5 is a collaboration over a decade and a half in the making. deadmau5 and Kaskade effectively changed the electronic music landscape when they paired together for 2008’s slow-burning “I Remember” and the influence of their follow-up “Move For Me” cemented their influence as the standard. Both tracks peaked at No. 1 within a week of one another on Billboard’s Dance/Mix Show Airplay chart. The GRAMMY-nominated artists’ paths crossed again on 2016’s ominous “Beneath with Me” featuring Skylar Grey. Most recently, deadmau5 and Kaskade officially joined forces again to form a unique collaborative union Kx5, marking their debut with the single “Escape” featuring rising British singer-songwriter Hayla.

Now, for the first time ever both Kaskade and Deadma5 present Kx5 LIVE at the Los Angeles Coliseum on December 10th. Last time we saw these two inside the famous LA Coliseum was at EDC 2010. Those EDC LA nostalgia vibes alone will sell out the venue within hours, if not minutes.

Tickets for Kx5 at the LA Coliseum go on sale on April 5th. Sign-Up For Pre-Sale Access Now.

Also, look for Kx5 to make its live performance debut at EDC Las Vegas this May.


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  1. Mike C

    Wow, that track is a great way to sell it. Random Album Title and Strobelight Seduction were two of the first dance albums I got into, they’re really tapping into nostalgia.


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