“Love Somebody” is the latest outing from Jack Trantides AKA Jus Jack, an individual who lives a choice double life as a club owner and producer. The release is out now on Armada’s Bearded Man recordings, and it gives us the summer vibes we’ve been waiting for all late November, December, January, and February. The smooth pace of the track and funky vocal make this a tune that fits best under the sun.

Jack’s unique perspective on the industry shows in the way that he approaches his similar professions. “When I book people, I don’t really tell them that I’m JusJack…they come to know that that’s who I am.” This approach is quite effective in that he lets his talent speak for itself at the right time, instead of advertising every business venture in someone’s face at once. From our brief chat, it’s clear that he understands the right time and place for everything.

Check out the track above and look out for the video soon.


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