Overcast skies, gray matter, and despair seems to be the perfect day for an artist like K4LT. His music embraces the type of doom and gloom, yet offers a ‘bright side’ all at the time. Thriving in the music scene of Berlin, K4LT finds influences from the city’s thumping techno scenes, and yet his music focuses more on the side of grudge and dark rock. K4LT loves a good guitar riff, however, he uses synthesizers to push the boundaries of all his productions in ‘Endgame’. Each production element is used to supremely capture the audio idea of despair.

“Endgame” is the antithesis to a debut album – it’s an exhausted commentary about regularly finding yourself in an ominous state, trying to make sense of that and then getting back on your feet. There’s no alternative but to move forward as there’s great moments in life and the music also depicts that. It just seems that gravity on this planet seems to always increase. However, I´m still an optimist and there´s many good things happening every day and isn´t that something to wake up for?

K4LT’s music focuses on the universal feeling of being lost. A sort of ‘we’re just dust in the wind’ feeling, his music combines elements of ambient electronica, post-rock, doom metal, alternative and post-punk to create his own signature sound. While incorporating more electronic elements into his projects, K4LT layers his guitar instrumentation to take his music to the next level.

Listen to ‘Endgame’ down below!

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