Kaskade took it upon himself to remix Alicia Key’s latest hit ‘In Common’ and turn it into a Redux remix. The results speak for itself as this song is incredible.

Kaskade has had an amazing 2016, so far, as he headlined the Los Angeles Convention Center this past May in being the first ever solo DJ to play an event with a 23K capacity in Southern California. He also recently played EDC Las Vegas twice, one on the brand new circuitGROUNDS stage and a Redux set the same night. Ryan stays busy putting out amazing songs as well as he just teased a brand new song titled ‘Jorts FTW’ with Too Many Zooz.

Listen to Kaskade’s new Redux remix of Alicia Keys ‘In Common’.


Sometimes, I take requests.

I’m a user/abuser of social media. I use it to announce singles, albums, tours, ticket availability, my favorite burrito and sometimes, let’s be honest, most of the time: I use it to find out what my fans are talking about. I’m asked constantly in interviews if I pay attention to my social media feed. This song is the answer to that question.

Sixty-three days ago, on Twitter I noticed a tweet from a fan @LaurenFrancisco telling me to “#Redux remix that @Aliciakeys new tune #InCommon.” Sometimes I take requests.

I listened to the song and loved it immediately. Alicia Keys’ voice is huge in this vulnerable way. And deep house is just another spin on what she’s doing. I couldn’t help myself. I didn’t even ask for – or get – permission. I pulled the parts together myself, put them back together in my way, and sent it to her.

Sometimes Alicia Keys takes requests. Today is the official release of Alicia Keys x Kaskade “In Common”

I hope you enjoy it.

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