Kaskade is back on the mainstage with his recent takeover at the LA Convention Center show. Australian vocalist, RY X, released a track called “Only” back in March for his upcoming album called, “Dawn” coming out this May. What do these artists have in common, well Kaskade decided to remix RY X’ track with the help of Lipless. Played live at Kaskade’s Los Angeles show, the remix is essential for his redux sets and still keeps original components of the song to make it just right. Listen to your own hearts content.┬áThe song is also available to download for free now.

Sometimes a song comes along that I can’t shake. I listen to it over and over again, and can’t stop myself from wanting to be a part of it. “Only” by RY X was perfect as it was, but I wondered if I could flip it into something I could play in my late-night sets. I pulled Lipless into the mix and we came up with this. Enjoy.

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