After their storming collaborative success in 2008 with hit single ‘I Remember’ championed electronic music artists Kaskade and deadmau5 join forces once again with their single, ‘Beneath With Me’ feat. Skylar Grey. ‘Beneath With Me’ is available today.

True to both Kaskade and Deadmau5′ signature style, ‘Beneath With Me’ features the precise and ethereal vocals of American singer-songwriter Skylar Grey. It locks onto a moody bassline that combines point and counterpoint in the melodic keys and club facing beats.

The accompanying music video for the single features Skylar, injured in a car wreck with her partner out in the middle of the road, lying unconscious. Crawling out of the wreck and singing her way through her pain, she sees headlights in the distance. Limping towards the light, the video pulls the focus away from Skylar and takes a gripping turn.

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