Ryan Raddon AKA Kaskade sounds unbelievably excited to see his extended family at SunSoaked today, and judging by the drone footage he streamed live to Facebook, we can see why. Raddon was stoked to spend 15 minutes to give you a birds eye view of all the action. In addition to this, he hosted an impromptu session for questions from fans.

Some big points to highlight: the water itself will not be open in the venue (because they don’t want people swimming in from Huntington beach. There will also be plenty of shade around in this crazy heat, but smoking is only allowed in non-shaded, non-misted areas. Towels are encouraged, though Raddon admits that it may be annoying to carry around at the event; worse come to worse, towels will be for sale at the event.

Of course, the biggest piece of advice they have is to stay hydrated and responsible. Raddon takes his community very seriously and urges us all to look out for one another and make good decisions while having the time of their lives- it’s possible, trust us. If all goes well, the California Musician is more likely fulfill his dream of making SunSoaked a yearly event so PLEASE stay hydrated, stay safe, and respect the venue + everyone around you today.

Check the full video above and set times + parking map below and let us know who you’re excited to see.

For more information regarding SunSoaked FAQs, Getting there, Parking, and more, Click Here.

Also, for the fans that would still like to purchase exclusive SunSoaked merchandise Kaskade will have his merch truck right outside the venue from 12PM – 9:30PM.

Sun Soaked 2017 Set Times:

Bynon: 2-3pm
Ravell b2b Lipless: 3-4pm
SNBRN: 4-5pm
GRYFFIN: 5-6pm
Kaskade: 6-9pm

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