New York’s own BRUN0 is here to kick off 2023 with his brand new single, In The Air. It shares the house feels and vibes of A-Trak and Dave 1’s The Brothers Macklovitch project and is a surefire instant replay for this year’s list of bangers. High and uplifting, BRUN0 gives listeners a carefree vibe in his latest single. It showcases a persona who knows how to set a fun vibe.

Out now on Clandestine Records, In The Air is just the first of many tunes to come from the prolific DJ/producer. BRUN0 has been releasing music since 2020, with singles like Tinted and Villain showcasing his production skills span across dance music genres. In The Air captures a completely different vibe from the two previous release and shows the main stage that he can bring the funk as well.

Check out In The Air down below.

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