R&B and indie have found a new icon out of Stockholm, Sweden. Going by the stage name Lil T-Shirt, he’s won over recent notoriety for his sensual style and take on lo-fi R&B and was a supporting act for How To Dress Well at Debaser Strand in Stockholm.

‘Flowers/Lovers’ is Lil T-Shirt’s latest LP that dropped back at the end of May. It’s a nine track album that will entice listeners of R&B artists Yung Lean and Frank Ocean with exceptional soundscapes to that of James Blake. Stand out tracks from the album include the album opener ‘8’, which really gives you a feel of why this new Stockholm artist will soon burgeon onto a music festival bill near you. Melancholy and heartbreak moods will fill your ethos throughout the entire album.

Lil T-Shirt’s current tastes were not always in R&B. He grew up in the neighborhood of Rågsved, Stockholm, where hardcore and punk influenced his early music days. But Lil T-Shirt saw himself vying to the more romantic sounds and emotions brought about by R&B. This would lead him to experiment with minimalist autotuning, sampling, and a bit of passion to curate the colorful sounds he’s pushing out today.

Check it out down below!

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