Those who crave a new surge of the legendary duo Justice are in for a surprise as Sydney, Los Angeles, Paris and Brussels are about to have the times of their lives on August 23rd. The question is: how exactly will they be in four places at once? The announced flyer showed the four cities, but with just one date. Whatever magic trick they are about pull off is probably going to liven up the globe, and these four locations will get a little something extra. Whatever the surprise is, It it will be followed by the release of their latest album “Woman Worldwide the next day… and it’s THIS MONTH. The album itself will contain “10 years of Justice Mixed and remixes, and it’s going to most likely be the funnest history lesson we’ve listened to.

You can pre-order the album which will include three vinyls and two CDs for about $29 (24.99 EUR).  New merchandise has also been introduced to celebrate the albums, including a Justice & Levi’s jean jacket you can win by pre-saving the album on Spotify or available to buy here.

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