Entergalactic is the word that drove fans crazy yesterday, as it signaled the beginning of news on the release of Kid Cudi’s new album. In the tweet announcing it, Cudi used an interesting word about the people involved:

Hilariously enough, he referred to his yet-to-be-announced collaborators as a “cast.” This isn’t the only one Cudi will be a part of. On the same day, Netflix’s See What’s Next account announced an animated series based on the album.

The news came in the form of a retweet, as The Hollywood Reporter mentioned him and Black-Ish creator Kenya Barris‘s new adult-focused animated series, which will be named after the upcoming album. Entergalactic gets its name from a track from Cudi’s 2009 effort Man on the Moon: The End of Day.

Although the album doesn’t have a release date, the music series from Netflix will showcase music from Cudi’s new album. The series will follow “a young man on his journey to discover love,” according to THR, with Barris and Cudi writing, starring and executive producing the series.

Big things are in store, and the coolest part is that the album will be revealed in commercial form. We can’t wait to see who’s involved in this epic project once it officially drops.

For those who live in SoCal, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to hear new music from Kid Cudi as he’ll performing live at HARD Summer 2019.

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