You can pick up any paper on the block or just click inside a general Facebook group and be able to tell that Dance Music is not the popular masculine it was a couple of years ago. The overexposure continues, but as veteran artist Laidback Luke remarks in an interview with Ocean Drive, more and more people are embracing intimate and unique experiences, and he may soon escape the forced fame that EDM has wrought.

“The multi-million [dollar] hunger, un-passionate, wannabe types. I don’t care if it gets smaller. When I first got here, it was nothing. I would still be here doing the same thing because I love it—I don’t care about the DJ Mag top 100, getting $200,000 per show, or finishing off the Ultra main stage with a pre-planned show with lights, fireworks, and everything. I’m here to play music. I love this music, I grew up on this music, and I don’t need multi-million dollars for that. I just need a room, a couple decks, [and] happy people.”

He notes a couple of interesting new ideas in relation to dance music as well, such as his wife’s involvement with a yoga/dance event.

“My wife for instance is doing yoga-related dance music events now—it’s the full experience. This morning, I did an impromptu kung fu class out on Ocean Drive on the grass unannounced. I see that happening more and more in the future.”

With these unique events come LBL’s own ventures with Super You & Me; his lineups for these stages carry a much deeper and techier feel to them, inspiring a more unique vibe to the already stand out label


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