As the artist who Avicii sent couples demos to, Laidback Luke has one of the most solid ideas of his prowess as a hardworking artist. Luke was one of the biggest voices that talked about the pressures of being a touring artist of any sort, namely in an Op/Ed for Billboard that was posted after the late producer dropped out of touring. Now that the star has passed away, he made a Vlog in dedication to the artist. Entitled “A Tribute to Avicii,” the video features The Mixmash Record head’s own experiences with him, including the serious potential that he had from being the very first opener at Mixmash’s party. LBL doubled down on the anxieties and temptation that can come with a life of touring, putting a special emphasis on the fact that DJs should pursue this lifestyle because they genuinely enjoy playing for crowds. The other factors- drugs, alcohol, partying…can toll on your health. At the very end, he wrote this message:

Let’s make sure we all remember and honor Avicii. The best way to do that is to keep his legacy alive. Listen to his music, watch his videos, watch the documentary and tell your friends, tell your parents, tell your kids about this amazing guy Tim, aka Avicii that had such an amazing influence and was such a lovely sweet hardworking kid but also tell everyone about his mistakes so we can all do better…

Check out the full vlog below.

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