The Excision and Illenium collaboration that was teased a short while ago was anyone’s guess in terms of how it would sound. The latter artist’s set at Coachella saw the reveal of the ID track in the form of a test drive, but for those who may have missed it, Excision posted a little clip on his now Instagram with a message that the track is almost done. This small bite of the track reveals both producers’ involvement instantly. A calm vocal at the tail end of the buildup seems to invoke Illeniums melodic touch to his Bass-y tracks, while Excision’s unmistakeable synth work shows through on the drop. In the Instagram post, he hashtags GOLD…more likely than not, this is the track’s title.

Listen out for it during the sets of both parties involved this festival season, especially those lucky enough to see Excision rip up Camp EDC for the first time ever.

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