Slander and Excision revealed their newest single at Hijinx festival this last weekend: a vocal track called β€œYour Fault.” The two acts ripped their Philadelphia crowd a new one with a flurry of their own individual tracks, as well as mashups and remixes from their favorite artists. They tied the bow on the momentous occasion with the original they made just for that gig.

Keen to the fact that one of the many phones in the crowd would capture a rip of the video at the gig, they did the world one better and loaded in a high-quality two-minute preview of the track. This single starts with a deep vocal, keeping the vibes somber until a ferocious drop crashes in, packed with a raw bassline and heavy drums. This preview gives us a lot to consume now, and even more to look forward to when the track is released.

Check out the preview below.

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