Burning Man just officially took their conflict with the United States Bureau of Alanā€™s Management (BLM) into serious waters with a lawsuit. Black Rock LLC, manager of the annual event, reports being overcharged $18 million in unnecessary fees over the last four years. With a population of over 70,000 people a year for a week, making it the biggest and most involved event in North America. The BLM cited this as the basis for their fees, expanding on their reasoning in a statement to The Hill:

“To ensure public safety and environmental compliance around this huge undertaking, the BLM issues a Special Recreation Permit that includes a commercial use fee,” the spokesperson said. “As set by regulation, this fee equals three percent of the adjusted gross income derived from the authorized use, plus any applicableĀ  assigned site fee and/or exclusive use fee, as well as cost recovery including application fees.”


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