Escape 2019 is about to please everyone who sets foot on the grounds with a classic stage that can’t be topped. In a quick video, Insomniac revealed that their new stage “The Grimm” will be the largest megastructure in Insomniac History. For this promoter, that’s a big deal; EDC Las Vegas hosted competitively sized megastructures all the way back in 2013 and 2014, we’ve even seen Coachella Ultra Music Festival, and Creamfields host their own version over the years so it is safe to say the famous structure has become a fan favorite amongst ravers.

There’s no telling where they could even put their newest megastructure as the rumor is it’ll be 150ft wide x 400ft long, but it’s going to be a hoot to see the big reveal. Be sure to secure your Escape tickets now before this sells out, and we both know it will.

Stay tuned for Escape’s lending announcement of the other three new stages.


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