The end of the year is upon us and Porter Robinson has named his top 10 songs of the year. His year has been incredible, touring along with Madeon on their collaborative Shelter tour and although their track is definitely number one, Robinson sheds some light on other hit tracks from dance, to R&B, to pop. Bon Iver, M83 and even Chance The Rapper. Listen to his top 10 tracks that he exclusively told Triple J in an interview.

1. Chance The Rapper – Same Drugs

2. Lido – Murder

3. Hundaes – Be There

4. Bon Iver – 33 ‘GOD’

5. Kero Kero Bonito – Big City

6. 3LAU – Is It Love {Ft. Yeah Boy}

7. M83 – Do It, Try It

8. Manila Killa – All That’s Left – The M Machine Remix {Ft. Joni Fatora}

9. Tourist – Run

10. The Weeknd – I Feel It Coming {Ft. Daft Punk}


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