Nothing says this is going to be a great week then a new Skrillex tune coming to light.

After being teased last month in a short preview, the full collaboration between producer Skrillex and the lovely vocal talents of MIA has now surfaced and is titled “Go Off”. The track will be released off MIA’s new album coming September 9th titled AIM, which, judging by this tune alone, will make waves. Fans of Skrillex’s ever diverse production style since his JackU & Justin Bieber releases will instantly fall in love this amazing tune.

“It’s my last record, so I just want it to be happy, and there to be no complaints on it.” She continued, when asked about it being her last album, she said, “I think so, I want time to go and do some other stuff. I’m sure I’ll put music out and make music, but as an album it kind of just came together. I started making it after I made ‘Borders’, and it just seemed to write itself quickly.”

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