Maceo Plex is one of many artists who is smart enough to disregard an ignorant wave of “stop complaining and just make music” arguments; in this case, he’s about to kill two birds with one stone. His proposed response to the KKK/Nazi rallies in Charlottesville, VA is a free party in which all in attendance dance for unity and equality. If anyone is best equipped for the job, it’s a community rooted in the loss of inhibition and acceptance. At this very moment, Soul Clap, Modeselektor, Coyu, and Billboard Dance Editor and Chief/DJ Matt Medved have tweeted back in approval.

The Charlottesville riots lead to the deaths of three individuals; two cops and one 32-year-old paralegal. The assailant was one of twenty individuals who were struck by a White Supremacist from Ohio, who is now in custody. The lackluster response from our POTUS means that a load of work has to be done by the people who won’t stand to have hatred like what transpired this past weekend prevail in our society.

What DJs would you want to see at a free resistance party? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @Global

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