Local police in the UK have classified the dangers of a new pressed pill going around that has the potential to cause issues at events around the country. A recent batch of Blue Teslas have been tested by Police in Northumbria, and is said to contain a dangerous combination of Cocaine and Meth. With a self explanatory combination of light blue color and a Tesla imprint, the pills are considered dangerous, and it would be advisable to test out what’s inside the pill before taking it if you feel so compelled to. Ultimately, we’d reccommend contacting the authorities if you see these pills.

This is the part where we’d recommend harm reduction areas at upcoming festivals in the US, but…well…there are none (other than Movement festival in Detroit) but that doesn’t mean you can’t purchase a testing kit or learn the dangers of certain pills. For more info on pills and testing kits, please visit DanceSafe.org and EcstasyData.org.


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