Fusion project, Mah-Ze-Tar, has dropped ‘Liquid Lotus’ ahead of his forthcoming album. It’s a breathtaking piece where world music meets electronica. The accompanying music video seen down below features Mah-Ze-Tar strumming the sitar as he chants and hums to sounds of ‘Liquid Lotus’. Performing both as a live musician and vocalist, Mah-Ze-Tar captivates the senses with an incredible audio and visual experience.

“Liquid Lotus soars through a plethora of musical traditions together in a meaningful way. There are endless possibilities when one utilizes world instruments and gliding vocals in sync with electronic textures and rhythmic grooves. Liquid Lotus uniquely fuses these elements together to create a sound completely unique and unheard of before.”

Mah-Ze-Tar is the moniker and brainchild project of Maz Karandish. He shares his strong devotion to music and extensive experience through study, to showcase his take on modern world music while simultaneously paying homage to his Indian and Persian roots. You’ll find ancient instruments such as the sitar, meeting the booming bass of electronic music production creating an entirely new fusion of tradition and contemporary.

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