If there was any hybrid sound to listen to, it would be Mark Wise’s unique combination of techno and heavy metal. In his latest release, The Fire Within, combines thumping techno basslines with heavy metal guitar riffs creating a culmination of all things alternative and punk. The track is instantaneously infectious and will surely strike a chord in anyone who likes either genre. Mark Wise provides an instrumental release and the original features his own hardcore vocals that takes the song to new heights.

“I grew up listening to grunge, classic rock, and various shades of metal, and this release is the culmination of my entire musical journey from getting into grunge as a little kid in the mid 90s, to taking up percussion in 5th grade, playing in a band with friends in high school, starting to DJ in college, finishing my first ever electronic production in 2011, picking up guitar in my mid 20s, and taking on the Mark Wise name in 2017 and making techno my sole focus. All of it has led to this, and the day this was released on Beatport was one of the proudest days of my life.”

Mark Wise’s tracks has seen widespread support from techno pioneers such as Carl Cox, Fjaak and Juliet Fox. He’s had a lifelong journey listening to music and learning instruments before ultimately exploring the world of electronic music. The Fire Within is an authentic work of art that will see global support as we enter into festival. Definitely keep his name on your radar as a rising star in the world of dance music.

Check out The Fire Within down below

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