If you’ve been looking for a summertime, feel-good track, then look no further, Matthew Schultz has got you covered. His latest release ‘Go’ will have you hankering for a road trip or vacation ASAP. Let his synthesizers gently lay you into a mellow mood as Schultz sings lyrics that inspire wanderlust.

“We can go anywhere you wanna go…ocean creeping on the shore, just relax, you need it more.”

Matthew Schultz is riding a rather successul, self-made music project has he juggles this with his career in finance. He’s garnerd over 7.5 million streams on Spotify. His last collaboration with Gyption and Rico Tayla on ‘All Night Long’ has amassed over a million plays on its own. Give ‘Go’ a listen and let your adventure seeking take hold!

Listen to ‘Go’ down below and check out our interview with Matthew Schultz!

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Welcome to GDE, Matthew! How’s this year started for you & what have been the highlights so far?
This year has been absolutely AMAZING! First my song “Promise For Keeps” Remix featuring Gyptian and Electric Bodega hit over 1 million streams on Spotify. Then my other track “Somewhere Far” was featured on Spotify’s “Chill Hits” and several other top Spotify playlists and has now crossed over 6.5 million streams. I feel truly blessed.

Congratulations on your new single ‘Go’ – how long was the record in the production process?
Thank you so much! Normally my songs take 3-4 months to come to life. “Go” was a record that just flowed and only took 3 weeks from production to master. Ready for release, just in time to capitalize on the feel good summer vibes of the song.

In terms of remixes, do you have anything planned for ‘Go’?
I’m actually planning to do an upbeat club mix for “Go” and currently in the process of finding the right co-producer and feature artist.

Your single ‘Promise For Keeps’ has gone onto become a sure-fire player, what made you choose Gyptian to remix it?
I have always been a huge fan of Gyptian’s music, vocals and melodies. I also wanted to keep the essential melody of the original, the music was given a dancehall, reggae-fusion vibe. The laid-back tropical, reggae-tinged rhythm gives the track a slinky, syncopated groove that I felt Gyptian would be perfect for. I was so happy the way the track turned out, we have become very good friends and have several other projects recorded, stay tuned!

How did it feel, to reach the milestone of first hitting 1 million plays on Spotify?
I was ecstatic about hitting 1 million streams on “Promise for Keeps” it really made all the hard work and all the long hours in the studio well worth it. Thought of that many people giving your music a listen is just surreal to me. This biggest accomplishment for me was “Somewhere Far” crossing the 6 million mark, I still pinch myself.

In three words – Describe your signature sound to us?
Chill, Sexy, feel-good

What’s the current music scene like in New York?
I think that New York City is always on the cutting edge of new Electronic Music, both from a producing standpoint and also for exposure in the mainstream clubs and high-end lounges.

As a recording artist, what’s been the hardest moment you’ve encountered to date?
The hardest part for me is juggling my music life with my banking career overall. I work endless hours running National Sales and building the company American Financial Network, along with my partner John D’Onofrio. It can be very hard to get into the studio then switch mind sets from numbers and business to creativity. That said, I love doing both and feel incredibly thankful to have the ability to do both – so, I wouldn’t trade it in for the world.

And finally, what’s next for Matthew Schultz? Any release plans you can share with us or goals for the second half of 2019?
I have several singles lined up for release, I’m also working on completing my album plus a few other solo projects in the works. Plenty happening! I think 2019 could be my biggest year yet, so I’m very excited to see what the rest of the year brings!


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