Music is an outlet for everyone involved: the artist, the listener, the musician, etc. For Veluzz, its a mode where he can express the hardships he’s encountered in life and a positive outlet of self-expression. His latest single, ‘Believe’, is not exception. Veluzz delivers 2 versions a radio edit and club mix. The club mix being an obvious outlet of fun, club house, while the radio edit takes a more serious tone. The song seems to send us into a brighter light, not only for our listening pleasure, but also the journey Veluzz has had to get to this point.

In 2018, we covered his various singles and releases throughout the year. Many of which, were breakout singles used to express the hardships and obstacles he had overcome in life. Veluzz is creating nonstop as a reminder that no matter how hard things may get from time to time, music is and will forever be the answer.

Listen to ‘Believe’ down below!

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