Toronto native, Sereda, has been involved in music for quite some time. She spent her time studying opera, singing in gospel choir, and writing her own music as a student. Eventually, her connections would encourage her to come to Los Angeles and expand her soon to be career in the music industry. She saw her first taste of the spotlight in 2015, after her song, ‘Heartbeat’, scored the #1 spot on France’s Billboard and Apple iTunes’ charts.

Her latest single, ‘I Got You’, takes your eardrums by storm with a fresh perspective to contemporary dance music, where pop meets dance music in the best possible way. Sereda’s voice glides through a smooth production of soft hip hop and R&B inspired productions. Clean drums and kicks allow her voice to bounce in a very particular cadence that just has you listening and wanting more. A sexy guitar riff echoes as her infectiously, tasteful chorus ‘I Got You’ puts you in a trance.

‘I Got You’ is available for download now, get your copy HERE.

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