The intergalactic duo from Austin, Texas, Millennium Resorts, makes their debut with the Happiness. A spicy synth-pop track ahead of their forthcoming album that’s due early next year. Millennium Resorts’ unique mix of indie meets electronic dance music makes their sound familiar and yet creates a cinematic experience unlike any other. Happiness gives listeners a show-stopping showcase of their signature style and sound is all about. A dream pop soundscape with intense builds and psychedelically-infused range of rock riffs. A sound we can definitely hear echoing the deserts of Coachella Valley. Retro while contemporary, Millennium Resorts has planted their stake with much more to come.

“We originally wanted to blend the sounds of synthpop, edm, shoegaze, and introduce a recurring motif with the key change that will lead into the final piece of the album. This particular track and the whole album in general has this theme that is inspired by watching countless episodes of VH1 behind the music and E True Hollywood story.”

Millennium Resorts is the brainchild of Scott Raulie and Jonathan Richerson. Bonded by their passion and influences in music, the two sorted out their goal of creating a project truly fantastic. Their upcoming album, The Key of David, is the fruits of their labor. Meant to be listened from front to back, Millennium Resorts take the listener on a exploration of space through a thematic musical saga. Powerful and ethereal, listeners are promised themes and callbacks as they progress through the album.

The Key of David is scheduled for release on January 24th, 2024.

Check out Happiness down below!

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