The musica anarchist, Faron Sage, is back on our airwaves with his brand new single No Alternative. A jazz inspired musical number that could easily see in a broadway show, No Alternative takes a stab on current late stage capitalist systems and the cage we’ve put society in. Without some sort of change or a look into different types of rewards systems or systems based around humans, the tune points out the obvious that we the people may be doomed if something doesn’t give. Beyond the message, the song’s style is an upbeat fusion of various mashed-up genres primarily centered around jazz and electro swing.

“No Alternative is built over an infectious, jazz-inspired beat that’s been going round my head for years. It’s a bit of a relief to get it out there, to be honest! Likewise, there are many alternatives to our current capitalist system that I feel really need to be aired more widely so we can all discuss and explore them. Our future depends on it…”

Using music has his artistic tool against the powers that be, Faron Sage is unlike any artists we’ve covered here on GDE. Thought-provoking lyricism meets wonky beats that you just can’t box up into any genre, Faron Sage prides himself on being the musical anarchist of the 21st century.

Check out No Alternative down below!

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