What do producer, composer, synth nut and DJ, Jason Wann, andsinger/songwriter, visual artist and director, Kitty Richardson, have in common? Well, they’re both parts of the incredible synthpop project SINES, and they live worlds a part from each other. Despite never meeting in person, the two have found each other under the music moniker, SINES, and have recently put out their latest album, Gravity. The 13-track space odyssey covers an array of dynamic synth-pop tunes that tell a deeper story and nods to the futuristic novelist, Philip K. Dick. Together, SINES takes listeners on sonically wavey exploration of space-themed synth pop with their own unique and signature style.

For me, the most exciting thing about Gravity is the fact that the whole “spaceman lost in space and then returning to earth” story is a perfect allegory for my experience with autism and trying to navigate the neurotypical world. I think my main goal for my music is to communicate to others a feeling that I’m unable to express using only words.

Beyond the music, the duo share an affinity for the visual aspect of their project and album. With her experiences, Kitty Richardson directed the music videos for Supernova and Girlfriend and Wann created visualizers for Fatal Attraction and Calling. The visual experiences of SINES’ music take viewers on a retro 70s/80s color overload with pop Easter eggs, from Toni Basil to Warhol to 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Check out Gravity down below!

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