The Austin-based, musical duo, Millennium Resorts, is back on our airwaves with their second single, The Big Show, off their upcoming LP due in January 2024. Their sound has the stage presence of Tame Impala and M83, that new contemporary sound that combines elements of rock and electronic music to create something truly special. Hypnotically groovy with dark undertones, The Big Show is yet another example that Millennium Resorts’ rise to stardom will be quite the sight in 2024. The group prides itself on being uniquely authentic to themselves and the production they release.

“On the surface, the track is a little ditty about the trials and tribulations of life in the 21st century. The verse sincere. The chorus sarcastic. But like our previous single “Happiness,” it’s much more than that and we’ll let the listener decide.”

Millennium Resorts is the brainchild of Scott Raulie and Jonathan Richerson. Bonded by their passion and influences in music, the two sorted out their goal of creating a project truly fantastic. Their upcoming album, The Key of David, is the fruits of their labor. Meant to be listened from front to back, Millennium Resorts take the listener on a exploration of space through a thematic musical saga. Powerful and ethereal, listeners are promised themes and callbacks as they progress through the album.

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