Having covered RMA’s prolific rise to dance music stardom, it is our pleasure to see his debut LP, Agha, make its way over to our airwaves. Drawing influence from his Turkish roots, Agha is an 8-track LP that showcases some of RMA’s best productions to date. Thumping melodic techno with a main stage presence Agha is a culmination of solid originals that you’ll want to listen from start to finish. As you progress through the album, you’ll notice that each track builds off the next creating an excitingly, suspenseful ascension with hard groove drops and drums. We could easily hear every song in the album at Tale of Us’ Afterlife showcases. Not only is Agha RMA’s debut album, but its concept draws heavily from his Turkish roots with each track name deriving from old Ottoman phrases and concepts. A true homage and nod to RMA’s personal background.

Stand out tracks include Deli a straight to the point, hard-hitting melodic techno tune that will have you constantly replaying it. Effendy, the LP’s closing track, is the perfect closer with its slower BPM to remind listeners that all good things must come to an end. It’s the perfect palette cleanser and brings your energy to a delightful conclusion.

Check out Agha down below!

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