Los Angeles-based electronic music producer, Mint June, takes listeners on a sonic industrial techno journey in his latest EP, ‘Surrendering Nina’. It’s an experimental concept that takes you on an audio journey where a part-time bartender embarks down a mind-bending, drug-fueled episode after making a new friend in the underground rave scene. 4 out of the 5 tracks are an onslaught of harder styles of techno that range from acid, industrials and breaks. As the EP gets more and more chaotic, the closing song brings about some sort of transcendent order pushed by lovely melodies instead of a pulsing bassline.

“Each track has its own vibe that I think is tailored to the overall ethos of the project, portraying the beauty and disorder of modern underground rave culture through the tale of Nina, a part-time bartender who finds herself overindulging in drug use when she meets a new friend named Paige.”

Mint June is the brainchild of Jeremy Jung. He’s been producing under the name Mint June since 2019 with his first release ‘test 1’. Mint June’s sound dabbles in the realm of industrial, experimental, house, and downtempo with an interest in experimental film scores.

Check out ‘Surrendering Nina’ down below!

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