Hot off the heels of his sophomore ep release, ‘Ellis’, Austin-based singer and songwriter, 1st Base Runner, is at it again, this time a supporting music video for one of the song’s, ‘Near Me’. A visionary masterpiece filled with hallucinatory symbolism, the music video has the aesthetics and appeal of Bates Motel. Unlike his debut EP, ‘Sever Years of Silence‘, ‘Ellis’ reveals a more personal indie flavor filled with atmospheric vibes and a cadence that just makes you want to dance. ‘Ellis’ is currently available on a limited vinyl release.

The album in its entirety is an expansive soundscape. An audio experience that takes you into a dark, gray landscape that works exceptionally well for lovers of Depeche Mode, Radiohead, Explosions In The Sky and the like. It’s got groove, darkness, and the sort of grunge unique to this electronic music experience.

Watch ‘Near Me’ down below!

Photo Credit: Heather Gildroy

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