In a new memoir “Porcelain,” Moby has revealed all of the secrets behind his lifestyle as a DJ in his absolute golden years. The Guardian details their reaction to the book and those of the people who have read it:

“Lots of dodgy sex, oceans of alcohol, antics a-gogo. Plus: cockroaches, raves, death, celebrities (from Madonna to Robert Downey Jr, but not in starry situations) and good old Top Of The Pops. It’s a romp of a book. Such outrageous fun, in fact, that Moby tells me he’s noticed that people have regarded him differently after reading it.”

This, and a “friend” who rubbed a certain body part on Donald Trump, are only some of the many stories Moby has to recall in this account of the biggest ten years of his life. The whole book is available to purchase from

“There’s a funny side to this story. I might change it because I don’t know if I want it to follow me around. I had some friends from college who would do that. They would get very drunk, pull their willy out and just brush it up against people. So what I will say is that a friend of mine once did that to Donald Drumpf. You can extrapolate as to who that person might be, and that’s as much as I can say.”


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