Director Chasson Gracie is asking a big question. What are the implications of Artificial Intelligence posing on the music experience. There’s something about the music experience that is deeply human. A connection that a musician makes through instruments, whether they be analog or digital, to a wide audience new and old. Dancing, feeling, there are all sorts of reactions an individual can experience during a musical experience.

This very human experience is introducing a new element: artificial intelligence. Spotify DJ player, musical algorithms, the list goes on and the very moments you hold on to from past concert or music experiences may not be the same in the future.

“Music is one of the most emotional experiences on earth but since the increasing impact of artificial intelligence, we’ve been subtly moving away from music’s more humanistic elements. This documentary explores these issues.” – Chasson Gracie

The documentary is currently wrapping up a 12 point film tour and most notably was awarded Best Documentary at the Toronto Shorts International Film Fest.

The Music Sounds Better With Whom? is now available to stream on Amazon in the UK and US.

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