Madrid’s very own NAW is on a prolific path to dance music stardom. The DJ/Producer has performed in some of the city’s key venue including some notable ones in the isle of dance music paradise, Ibiza. You may have already recognized the name since his remix of ‘Show me Love’ by Robin S locked in Hypeeddit’s Official Top 100 Charts.

In his latest cut, NAW plays yet another homage to house music in his new single, ‘No Hesitation’. None of frills, none of extra niceties, just a pure house track with no holds barred. It’s a dance floor stomping to all you club DJs.

Listen to ‘No Hesitation’ down below!

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GDE: Welcome, NAW! How is your autumn season shaping up so far?
What’s up Global Dance Electronic!! First of all, thank you for the interview! Everything is good thanks… Been working a lot on new music and also planning next summer’s gigs with my manager Hadrian from Faneca Music!

GDE: We’re really feeling your latest cut, ‘No Hesitation’ – when was the official release date?
Thank you! It was officially released – 4th October.

GDE: ‘No Hesitation’ follows on from a number of recent releases for you, do you have a personal highlight?
No Hesitation has been THE one. It has opened a number of doors for me…

GDE: You played in Ibiza across this summer, do you have a favourite venue on the island?
This is the hardest question ever.. ALL of them are amazing!

GDE: What’s the music scene like in your homeland, Madrid right now?
House Music is resurfacing little by little and it seems to be getting bigger so that’s a positive point… But I think Madrid doesn’t yet have the dance culture you can find in other European cities such as Amsterdam or Ibiza…

GDE: In terms of live performances, how’s your schedule looking at the moment?
Currently, we are focusing more on releasing new music and I’ve got tons of that in store… The idea is to get new gigs lined up, ready for next summer – Ibiza is on the agenda, of course.

GDE: And lastly, any fresh news you can share with us on upcoming releases?
Next one will be out really soon… It is a collaboration with Italian producer, Luca Lazza and it will be out on Revoke Records. Stay tuned to our social media!!

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