Here in the States, we have a relatively effective “Tipsy Tow” service offered by AAA and spread virally every year through social media. However, who we could definitely use is a system in place at every event like the one New Zealand’s Rythm and Vines is putting into motion. The local police will be having all drivers take a breathalyzer test before leaving the event. “We want everyone to enjoy their time at the festival but we urge party goers to look out for themselves and their mates,” says Senior Sergeant Ross Smith. “Police want people to enjoy themselves and to remember their celebrations for the right reasons.”

In an effort to stop drivers from incurring a $250 fee or potentially worse consequences, the authorities encourage people to be smart about going out for the big holiday. In addition to choosing a sober driver or taking a Taxi, this includes eating before you go out, pacing yourself, and looking out for others among many other things. Common sense to you maybe, but steps to going out that bear repeating. A full list of advice from the police in relation to going out can be found on their website, Here.


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