Hot off the heels of his previous belter, ‘Legend‘, Stockholm’s rising DJ/Producer, Oliver Ingrosso, is making waves with his own releases. Oliver Ingrosso collaborates with Philip Sorrentino on their brand new track, ‘Memories’. It pushes the sounds of progressive house with feels of minimal melodic techno. You’ll find this track to be the perfect bridge during your favorite melodic DJ sets.

‘Memories’ release date come conveniently during summer where we’re sure to hear this track getting rinsed out in many DJ sets to come. Just as was the release of ‘Legend’, expect ‘Memories’ to create a huge wave of international plays and support.

Check it out down below!

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Hello Oliver, welcome to GDE – how’s your summer looking so far? 
Thanks! It’s been good, released a second track on my new label – Manaton Records and now looking forward to playing at Ultra, Croatia in July.
Congratulations on your new track ‘Memories’, how long was the record in planning & production? 
Thank you so much! For me, a few years. Its been under development and was at points a bit different to what it eventually became on its release.
Is this the first time you’ve collaborated with Philip Sorrentino? 
Well, we had made another track before this one & I decided to bring him onto ‘Memories’ because it went so well on the other track.
Did you & Philip work remotely or did you manage to spend time in the studio together? 
Well Philip is actually my best friend and has an excellent ear for music but never produced a track before the first one so it was important for us to work closely in the studio together.
The vibe of the track is deeper than your last release ‘Legend’, could you describe your signature sound – in three words? 
Cubby, groovy and melodic maybe.
It might be hard to put to words exactly, because the next track will be a bit different as well. So, I’ll just leave that up to everybody else to make up their own minds… All my tracks have a different core but I hope you can still find me somewhere in all of them.  I just want to make good music that I enjoy as well… and not sell my soul to the devil so to speak!
In terms of playing live, what’s your schedule looking like at the moment & for the rest of the year? 
Been busy playing pretty much every weekend and then producing. Though I tend to do that less in the summer and the label is of course a lot of work . But I’m looking forward to getting out of Sweden more to play!
Do you have any plans for further collaborations with Philip Sorrentino? 
Yes, the other track that we did will probably be released early next year. Thats a really cool track, its unusual in some ways mostly because of the main melody but its also very cool!!  So, we’re really looking forward for everybody to hear It.
And finally, what’s next for the remainder of summer season & across 2019? 
Well, mainly travelling and playing. As i mentioned – Ultra is something I’m very much looking forward to and I’m feeling very humble to even be a part of it. I really want do to my absolute best there! Then working on the next release which should be around October or even earlier.

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